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The transparency and predictability of remuneration and its determination are the most essential aspects related to the provision of legal services. My aim and at the same time the main motivation is to solve the case as effectively as possible to the maximum satisfaction of the client. The clients are always informed of the expected extent and costs of legal services at the beginning of our cooperation as well as throughout the cooperation.

The legal fee is always determined based on the mutual agreement and with regard to the extent and complexness of the provided legal services, or to the value of the case.

The time fee is usually determined per hour of legal services provided. However, we can also agree on a fixed sum for the provision of legal services. Such a fee is paid regardless to the real time spent on the case and it is used for example in connection with the establishment of legal companies, drafting the contractual documentations, statements or legal analysis.

The lump-sum fee can be agreed in advance as well with respect to the expected extent of the legal services provided per one month. In such a case, the client pays the monthly remuneration always in the same amount regardless of the actual extent of the services provided.

The client is always informed of the necessity of other expenses, such as court and administrative fees or translation fees that are not included in the remuneration.


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